Project RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition (round 18: Staraptor) submissions open until Augist 12thth)

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gooooooooooooooooood morning. I have a team

This team used scarf inteleon to make it a very good cleaner since it is as fast of a scarfer as u can really get. The main idea of the team is use arboliva eject button to pivot into FO hera or revavroom and make progress with those, while inteleon cleans. To round out the team I put an altaria to blanket check things, spread wisp, and remove hazards. Krook is there to be a sneaky stallbreaker with Bulk Up and taunt, which will catch oppo off guard as they will probably expect krook to be a rocker :cheems:


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:inteleon: :scyther: :florges: :mudsdale: :brambleghast: :bellibolt:

Choiced Inteleon seemed risky with Tatsugiri not running Commander anymore, so I went with Scope Lens, which only makes you wish you were running Barraskewda half of the time. Florges and Brambleghast are here to make life difficult for Tatsugiri, with Brambleghast spinblocking it and running enough speed to outspeed and KO with Power Whip after Inteleon chips it with U-turn. Scyther baits out physical walls like Avalugg and Mudsdale for Inteleon to come in and snipe, while Bellibolt annoys Vaporeon and adds to the VoltTurn. Mudsdale is the rocker and generic physical wall.
:sv/bombirdier: Round 17: Bombirdier :sv/bombirdier:


Enough of the new home drops. In the last week before we receive the big wave of new pokemon from UU it's time to highlight a pokemon that has been here and flying under the radar the whole time. Bombirdier has a bunch of useful moves like knock off, u-turn, roost, brave bird, sucker punch and stealth rock, but it has struggled to find a prominent niche even despite having a typing that matches up well vs many strong RU pokemon. However despite being a bit awkward, it can do so much with those good moves, now is the time to show what you can do with bombirdier on a team. Use it as a strong attacker, a support for frail wallbreakers or a stealth rocker that lets you run another set on your ground type. Make the best bombirdier team you can and share it here.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, July 28th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, July 30th.


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:salazzle: :Bombirdier: :florges-orange: :copperajah: :tatsugiri: :passimian:

Alright so I was primarily building around Salazzle and I thought about pairing it with Bombirdier because of the pivot on fairy and steel types + hazards which lazzle always likes. Then I added Florges as an all-rounder defensive mon which also lures in steel types and likes Bombirdier's ability to in on ground types such as Krook or Mudsdale which can be a pain to switch onto. To complete the defensive core, Copperajah is here as steel type able to help against dragalge and goodra and in general be a specially defensive mon which puts a bit more pressure than Florges. As Bombirdier is already our rock setter, Copperajah can run protect like Florges to further amplify the poison damage of Salazzle's corrosive Toxic and leftovers recovery. Tatsugiri was next because it brings a Fire and Water resist and hazard removal. Tatsu also gives a way to threaten bulky Rock types such as Naclstack and Coalossal which 'can' also be lured by Bombirdier on pivot (even if oftentimes they don't want to get their item knocked off) and are kinda hard to get through with lazzle. Last, I felt the team needed speed control and possibly more pivot so I went for scarf Passimian which also brings Knock Off and easier cleaning opportunities in late game.

Overall it feels quite unoriginal but I think Salazzle is a very cool mon to use so it's ok (excluding subtect sets, those are def not cool yuk). Hope you'll like it, feedback is always appreciated !


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:bombirdier: :mudsdale: :revavroom: :toxicroak: :oricorio-sensu: :delphox:

The idea of this team is to use Bombirdier's Parting Shot to turn opposing walls into setup fodder for a full cast of setup sweepers. Taunt can be used before Parting Shot to disable moves like Klefki's Thunder Wave and Altaria's Will-O-Wisp, making setup even easier. Old reliable Mudsdale covers Bombirdier's weaknesses to Rock and Electric while getting up rocks. While setting up is the name of the game here, most of the sweepers (except maybe Oricorio) are capable of operating without setting up. For example, Revavroom is running Jolly instead of Adamant so that it can outspeed Heracross, Toxicroak, and Tatsugiri even if it hasn't used Shift Gear. Toxicroak and Oricorio provide some useful immunities, potentially turning opposing choiced mons into setup opportunities. Rounding out the sweepers is Double Dance Delphox, a set that I feel is one of Delphox's strongest. Without a mon like Slowbro in the tier, the only resist to Delphox's dual STAB is opposing Delphox.
Have I ever played RU? No. Am I bored enough to try? Yes.

So here's that: :bombirdier: :passimian: :oricorio-sensu: :rotom-mow: :salazzle: :tauros-paldea-aqua:

Despite initial fears of Bombirdier competing with Passimian, I found that they actually work really well together. Bird thingy is a bit slow but still an effective lead, with sr + knock and u-turn putting momentum in my favor early on. Knock on bird means I can run other moves on Pass, and while I didn't face any fairies during my 7 game testing period, I still think leaving room for gunk shot is useful. Having 2 U-turn mons and a volt switch make gaining momentum easy, and taunt bird and trick/twave rotom ensure opponents don't get an easy chance to set up. Salazzle is here to basically disrupt as much as possible with toxic, and although it's kind of a momentum drain, having a teammate immune to psychic and ground named Bombirdier gives good opportunities to regain momentum on an obvious attack. Plus, sometimes you just need to stall a bit. Oricorio is the sweeper of choice for the team, mostly because I'm a PU main and I need to pretend to miss Oricorio so it never returns. Also don't run max hp max spe on your sweeper, trust me bro. Tauros-water is the final member because the only other things I needed on the team were priority, a water type, and a Cloyster check. I chose to fish for anger point crits with aguav berry for no reason other than I'm a low ladder player who wants a weird set to work.

Overall 10/10 experience. I think I did good for late night laddering in a tier I really haven't played, and the momentum game with this team is strong. Here's a replay, ignore the max HP oricorio not doing any damage and instead focus on how everything was nice and whittled down for Passimian at the end.

:sv/staraptor: Round 18: Staraptor :sv/staraptor:


Finally free from BL hell, staraptor has been unbanned and now it's time for it to get a real shot vs the RU tier. The old UUBL king and former best early route bird is an offensive power house, boasting the the strongest brave bird in the game with its reckless boost. While it's an all out offensive pokemon, there are still many different ways you can built it. Choice items ad boots are all viable items, and the teammates you use to support it will determine how much damage staraptor can do.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, August 11th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, August 13th.
:staraptor: :flamigo: :espeon: :rotom-heat: :brambleghast: :krookodile:

BIRD SPAM BABY. This idea came to mind when I was reminded of a team I used back during the SV UU Alpha days, pairing up Flamigo and Staraptor together in a sort of type spam core. Flamigo breaking to make sure Raptor sweeps later. Ofc, there's a few differences between SV UU Alpha and current SV RU post-HOME, so I made a team adjusted around all of that.

Choice Scarf Raptor is a cleaner for the team where most of the team's Flying and/or Normal resists are taken care of. For that, Flamigo fills the role of holepunching. Its immune to Intimidate from mons like Krook or Aqua Tauros, and the Fighting-type helps it be neutral to Rocks and resistant to Sucker Punch, a common form of priority. The Dark resist also helps with Espeon, who I feel provides the team with adequate hazard control. Rotom-Heat serves as an Electric and Ice resist, and Volt Switch to add more pivoting to the team. Brambleghast is mainly here for a secondary Electric check and also providing back-up hazard control and Spikes. Rocks Krook is the Stealth Rocker I think would fit this team most, and also helps against opposing Espeon and adds yet another Electric check.


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:staraptor: :tatsugiri-droopy: :espeon: :slither-wing: :bronzong: :krookodile:

tried my hand at a build w raptor because i've never used it and its not the kind of mon i'd typically use, and i think i got a pretty fun team out of it! i started with tatsu as it seemed a perfect partner; it like steels being chipped, provides decent offensive hazard control, and can blow up things like tyranitar and diancie that raptor likes uturning on. espeon similarly enjoys all the pressure on steel types, provides more hazard control and also has a powerful future sight to cause annoying pins with raptor and the next member, slither wing. slither gives me a switchin to like half the tier, as it tends to do, and gives me plenty of way to handle faster threats. it also makes a very strong uturn core with raptor as they tend to threaten things that check each other. i chose zong as my rocker as i felt rather specially frail, i needed the resists of a steel type, and i wanted a way to stop special sweepers in their tracks reliably w trick toxic orb. last i needed a volt immune, and i generally always like to have a dark type on teams in this meta, so krook felt like an obvious choice; bu krook is a bit underrated with how many ppl rely heavily on the likes of slither wing and wo chien to reliably check krook, and it can make good headway vs slower teams to allow raptor to clean up. unfortunately this team just took an L in my pentathlon set, but i beat beraldo with it so it cant b that bad :3
The entries this week are
:staraptor: :tatsugiri-droopy: :espeon: :slither-wing: :bronzong: :krookodile: scarf raptor offense by cyanize
:staraptor: :flamigo: :espeon: :rotom-heat: :brambleghast: :krookodile: bird spam offense by Melons-N-Soda
And I thought I'd share a raptor team I made :staraptor::bisharp::kilowattrel::diancie::espeon::decidueye-hisui: A sort of bird spam team where the goal is to break stuff early with raptor so one of espeon, kilowattrel or bisharp can clean up in the late game, featuring some knock off support by decidueye and espeon to try and keep hazards off long enough for raptor to, uh, die of natural causes.

My vote goes to Cyan.

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